• elevate mural 2013
  • artists at work - elevate
  • Bella Muerte
  • diversity mural
  • elevate in chalk
  • dad at the chalk wall
  • Elevate Red Silks - Large
  • em.ash at the bazaar
  • piano on 5th
  • Johnny Waffelz at Elevate
  • andys silkscreens
  • Elivate-Arts003
  • live tatooing
  • lori with fire!
  • painter
  • vesta fire 2013
  • lamp
  • Elivate-Arts024
  • kids stuff
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Elevate the Arts is a grass roots, multi-disciplinary, non profit event held in the heart of Courtenay. Our 2014 event is scheduled for June 4-7.

Elevate the Arts is all about breaking down the barriers between culture creators and culture consumers, and using arts and culture as a vehicle for re-imagining our communities and the planet.

Join us on facebook to share your inspiration, ideas & experiences… (or email info@elevatethearts.com)