10. Simms Alley – between 5th & 6th Streets

Simms Alley comes to life with on site screen printing, sculpture, kids craft activities, painters, radical puppet theatre and more! Join us between 5th and 6th from 10 am till 7 pm for myriad arts activities that will stimulate the senses.

Simms Alley is also the entrance to the wild and wacky Underground Art and Craft Fair at the Lower Elks and the CVAG Sudio Level (The Cellar) where kids performers play from 10-3 and then experimental music, shadow puppet theatre and other antics take over.

Stop by Bop City Records to buy CD’s from the many musicians who are performing at the Elevate the Arts or check out some erotic art on display at The Romance Shop (19+ only please)

Here’s what’s happening!

1) Screen printing Andy MacDougall
Real life on site screen printing with the Valley`s own screen printing godfather. Come down and watch screenprinting in action or try your hand at it! Andy just returned from SXSW in Austin Texas where we was involved in some wicked screen printing events and he has produced wicked festival and gig posters.

2) Tarot Readings with Ashley Hain
Mini Tarot card consultations from Ashley Hain and  Winds of Change store

 3) Kids Underground  w) Becky Wortman and friends

  • Alley chalk graffiti – Tag the alley with ETA stencil logos, make hop scotches, draw pictures, fill the alley with bright fun images.  DRAW, DRAW, DRAW
  • Get building with our mountain of recycling and take it to the sky! – Lets construct our    very own ‘flying object’ down the alley. Lets build wings, add buttons and controls, lets climb in it and image we are flying it!  Come down to the Kids Underground and help build the largest recycled flying object held together with tape, glue, string and wool.  Paint and decorate it.
  • Flying Flags – Design and personalize your very own flying flag.   There will be all kinds of materials to glue onto your flag or maybe you just want to paint it. 

 4) Douglas Walker
Elevate the Arts is supporting this artist….this artist supports Keeping It Living. I am going to be Elevating the Arts by demonstrating my craft (sculpture) in Simms Alley in downtown Courtenay; directly behind Beyond the Kitchen Door.  I love co-operating with the community so I am asking you to bring some stuff to the alley and I will turn it into a sculpture which, when completed will be donated to Keeping it living 2012 Water Shed Project silent auction. Sound good?  By “stuff” I mean small brass, copper, silver and perhaps golden ornaments. Vases, candle holders, knick-knacks, trumpets, tubas….stuff like that. People of the Comox Valley lets stretch>>>> Elevate the Arts a little further, get even more creative, more involved and see what happens.

5) Painters In Action
Capturing all this magic will be 2 incredible local painters Martha Jablonski-Joness and Marilyn Timms

6) Art Karts
A display of the infamous Mayworks Art Karts! 

7) Mayworks Radical Puppet Theatre
Unscheduled, unusual, untested, unexpected.

8) Underground Art and Craft fair artists – resurfacing.
Some of the Underground Art and Craft fair artists have decided to come up for air, brave the sunlight and set up in the alley. Details TBC. 

Who’s who:

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