Blue Bamboo Productions

My name is Michael Fountain and I am the Project Lead at Blue Bamboo Productions.

Blue Bamboo Productions - ETA vidzfest judges, documentarians and all round media mavens

Blue Bamboo is a video production house specializing in unique and engaging online video for business, organizations and events- we blend artistry, imagination and technical savvy to help realize their vision. It’s all about asking the right questions. What is their passion? Everyone has a great story and I genuinely enjoy helping them tell it…

Some of our clients include:

  • The University of British Columbia 
  • Tourism BC
  • Juno-award winning recording artists
  • International development organizations
  • BC provincial crown agencies 
  • AMAZING local businesses and non-profit organizations from right here in the Comox Valley!

Each project telling a story as unique as the people behind them…

Find us online:

Your thoughts on the Arts
What the Arts mean in my life/To my company?
The art of converstaion and images is fundemental to our work….it’s who we are.

How are we involved in the arts in the Valley?
Through our work with some amazing people and organizations in the Comox Valley, we’ve come to realize that without art and artists, a community can be very stale and uninspiring. Thanks to the wonderful people who call this place home, our community is as rich, vibrant and diverse as the beauty of the region.