Brenda Johima

With expertise in graphic design, social media and online marketing, Brenda Johima is is owner of JOHIMA Social Media + Marketing, and is excited to take part in Elevate the Arts. She’s a swimmer, and is a supporter and an advocate for other artists and creators and for the environment our planet.

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Your thoughts on the Arts
What the Arts mean in my life/To my company?
“Creativity is not only for arts and culture. Creativity, innovation, imagination, the ability to invent and to think creatively is crucial for business, science and technology, health, education, construction, for the development of new products and services, for employment and job creation and, for every day life. Creating the business, life and career we dream of and long for, requires imagination and creative thinking, combined with the courage to take the action required to get there and to reach our goals.” — Brenda Johima

Think about it, everything we purchase, has been touched by a creative, in order to market it, whether it be a photographer, visual artist, designer, writer, dancer, actor, videographer or singer. The arts are crucial not only to life, but to every business. Value the arts! Pay an artist.

How are we involved in the arts in the Valley?
I’m an avid iPhone photographer, dog and puppy photographer, visual artist, painter, writer, and designer. Creativity and Art, runs my inner and outer life. The nature and beauty of the Comox Valley is an inspiration to simply, create, all day.