The Consortium

Elevate was created by a group of friends (old and new) with a shared passion for community building.

We’re a group of community organizers, administrators, event junkies, musicians, chefs, artists, poets, parents, teachers, facilitators, engineers,  activists, writers, marketing mavens, youth and business owners.  We work by consensus and do it while juggling life, kids, families, volunteer commitments, our businesses and our careers. We all do it as volunteers.

We don’t always agree, but we’re all on the same page about creating something unique, and community driven, and egalitarian.

We’re all about “the commons’ – the streets, alleys, parks, art, creativity, energy and joy that exists outside the realm of “ownership”. We have shared values about kindness and inclusion, social justice, the environment, gender and sexuality, youth engagement, barrier free access to art, culture and recreation and our individual and shared responsibility in evolving our communities and civilization.

Above all we are guided by love.

Sitting back waiting for things to happen is not our style.

The door is open for others to engage the elevation. Come talk to us! Email us!

~Elevate Co-Producers and the Elevate Team