Perform or Exhibit

Want to Elevate your stuff?

We welcome expressions of interest from musicians, dancers, painters, carvers, street performers, designers, yarn bombers, circus artists, architects, engineers, directors, puppeteers, workshop leaders, dreamers and schemers.

We invite proposals or ideas from creators all genres to be part of Elevate. We have lots of venues and performance locations (big and small) throughout downtown Courtenay. We also have vending opportunities for unique, evocative or enticing creators of original works.

Our criteria is pretty simple. We’re looking for content that is original, thought provoking, engaging and focussed on re-thinking our world, our community and ourselves. We are committed to the principals of respect and diversity and love. Other than that we’re wide open! Challenge the status quo. Be fearless. 

Elevate’s goal is tearing down the lines between culture creators and culture consumers. We aim to build bridges between audiences and artists and to use culture as a tool for exploring, experimenting and building community. Ultimate we want to actively engage in the evolution of our community.

For 2017, Elevate is asking performers to commit to building a richer experience for both yourselves, and festival participants.

  • If playing on a traditional stage, performers are asked to commit to an additional performance in an alley, on a rooftop, stairwell, or other found space. This can be a short (15 minute) pop up performance, or a longer, more involved piece.
  • Add an unusual element to your performance. This could include costumes or an interactive component. Have fun.
  • Think about collaborations. Work with creative allies on cross-genre performances and presentations. Submit an application together!

Details on how YOU plan to help stretch the edges of Elevate will be requested on the online application form. All applications are reviewed by the Elevate Consortium to be sure they fit with the Elevate vibe.