We’d love to have you involved!

andy helpingThere are many ways to engage Elevate as a volunteer and opportunities for all ages and skills.


Got a couple or four hours? Happy to do a specific, time-bounded task?

EMAIL NANCY! volunteers@elevatethearts.com or text/call her at 250.898.9045

See below for lots of details.


We’re looking for people who like to build things, move things, problem solve, hang posters, paint things, play with paint, help the kids, decorate the room, run sound, hang lights, keep things on time, feed people and generally Elevate from behind the scenes!

What do we want, and what do you get?

  • You have a love of the arts & a desire to create amazingness in our downtown for a weekend.
  • We ask for your time between now and June 9.  Of course, we’re HAPPY to accept as much time as you would like to give!
  • You will be asked to attend at least ONE meeting with your crew leader – that date will be set by them
  • You get access to our amazing craft services (snacks & bevs) during the event
  • You get the deep appreciation & love of the planning team!
  • You get an Elevate “laminate” (backstage pass & lanyard)
  • You’ll get whatever other fun stuff we can dream up to say “thanks!”

Volunteer Opportunities at Elevate!

There are both team leader and regular volunteer positions in the following areas of Elevate activity. Talk to us about your interests!

Please fill out the form below and tell us how you’d like to help. We’ll get in touch asap to get you sorted out.

Street Team and Info Crew
Run the info booth, distribute programs and event handbills, collect donations and staff “donation stations”, be super happy and sunny and shiny to everyone, provide directions, sell elevate and artist merch, answer questions. Street team can sign up for shifts before the event as well to distribute posters, programs and handbills and help at lead up events.

June 2/3/4 shifts and lead up to event.

Setting up, tearing down, tents, structures, barricades, tables, chairs, stages and risers, driving trucks, hanging flags, cruising around and picking up materials and supplies, moving bins and boxes, tarps and ropes, plugging things in, setting up art projects and making the physical magical reality of elevate possible! If you have a truck or access to one that’s hugely helpful. Sunday only shifts available to help put the party away. May 30 to June 5th shifts.

Slicing dicing, chopping, creating, serving, stirring, hosting, clearing, cleaning, providing information and kindness, running errands for ingredients, run some board games, be the host with the most in the food and beverage zone for artists and volunteers in the Lower Elks Hall. Friday and Saturday June 2/3

Tech and Venues
Move gear set up gear, plug stuff in and hope it works, sound and light operators (smaller boards, smaller venues), stage managing, schedule keeping, venue owner liaison, crowd control, keeping the room/venue/stage looking good, projectors and screens, unusual needs for sound systems and various other sound, light and stage roles. May 31-June 4 shifts available. Most June 2/3

Check In Crew
Meets and greets artists, volunteers and guests with a smile and a song (well song is optional). Provide information to incoming elevators, credentials, food and beverage details, directions to accommodations and volunteer and performance areas. June 2/3 shifts

Arts and Crafts!
Sign making, banner sewing, glitter sticking, g;ue and scissors (don’t run! ) kids crafts activities (making them up or just working on them), participatory art panels, painting, stencil cutting, sign pounding, decor designing, venue set up, venue deconstruction, fabrics, silks, way finding, donation station buckets, coloured lights and fun! We’re like crows collecting shiny things for our mad capped event! Lots of shifts leading up to the festival.

*Please note – volunteers under 16 must have written parental consent, and we encourage families to volunteer together.