A full day of music & merriment for all ages on Joe’s Garage stage… 

Milo & Joe’s Garage are a vital part of the independent music scene in the Valley and the programming May 5th is no exception. It’s a great place to grab a snack or a drink (the venue is all ages) and every seat in the house is a good one! Entertainment is free during ETA, no purchase necessary but it is appreciated!

(Entertainment is free during ETA, you do not have to purchase anything to catch the shows.) 

The Deep Sea Gypsies


1:15pm Helen Austin
2:15pm Luke Blu Guthrie
3:15pm Deanna Cartea
4:15pm Sue Medley
5:15pm The Jilli Martini Band
6:30pm Jake West
7:30pm Mind Of A Snail Puppet Co
8:30pm Deep Sea Gypsies
9:30pm National Tape
10:30pm Isobel Trigger

Helen Austin

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