L’Arche Arts

The L’Arche Outreach and Creative Arts Centre is located at 1736 England Avenue in Courtenay. It is a place of support and welcome for people with developmental disabilities.  We offer candle making, beading and painting programs each week.  People with and without disabilities create together. We have some wonderful creative artists.  Everyone who comes, gets involved and is encouraged to experiment, create and play.  Some work independently, others work together.  New participants often discover their own creativity, by seeing the freedom and unique exploration of others.  There is a lot of laughter, sharing and companionship. 

We have slowly put together a collection of framed art and would like to display 20 -25 pieces at the Elevate the Arts event on May 5th.  We also have art cards and plaques which we would like to sell, and maybe a few of our candles and jewelery.

At L’Arche we believe that everyone has gifts to share, significant contributions to make to society regardless of our challenges. We celebrate the unique gift that each person has to offer, engaging in relationships to discover what it means to be truly human. We open our hearts to change, beginning with ourselves. The Outreach Centre is a place where people have the opportunity to discover their unique gifts by creating beautiful artwork. L’Arche Comox Valley also has a home in Courtenay where 4 adults with developmental disabilities live together with assistants and share their lives together.

The L’Arche website is   www.larchecomoxvalley.org