somethingelse support studio

somethingelse is a tiny little web support studio based in Tintown, providing secret help for solo flyers throughout north america. we specialize in wordpress-based websites, social media integration and marketing support for people doing it virtually alone. 

Your thoughts on the Arts
What the Arts mean in my life/To my company?
we are arts… we couldn’t exist if the arts didn’t exist. our livelihood relies on the fact that the arts are necessary to create commerce. without the arts, how would commerce get its word out? who would design the “branding”, voice over the commercials, demonstrate the products, make the presentations, innovate the packaging? the arts are integral to life, period.

How are we involved in the arts in the Valley?
we support artists, artistic endeavours and non-profit organizations in the comox valley through social media & website guidance, coaching, provision and volunteerism. it’s what keeps us interested and excited about what we do.