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15. Courtenay Library

Nature and the Arts is a running theme at the Courtenay Library with amazing kids programming in the morning with Our Big Earth media Co., stunning cinematography in the early afternoon with our friends at World Community, and the first ever, first annual [intlink id=”1999″ type=”post”]VidzFest[/intlink] featuring 22 short films by local amateur & professional filmmakers!

10:00am Spirals in Nature with Our Big Earth & Planet Kids
1:00pm SpOil Film presented by World Community
2:00pm – 5pm VidzFest Community Film Festival

Our Big Earth Media Co. and Planet Kids present Spirals In Nature – discovering the stories of nature and the nature of stories through art and poetry from 10 a.m. to Noon at the Courtenay Library.

Join Robin Rivers from Our Big Earth Media Co. and Pam Watson from Planet Kids for a morning of creationism – not in the Biblical sense – but of the snail, mushrooms, gnome and wee folk kind. We’ll tell stories about the amazing shapes and creatures in the woods, try our hands at cool poetry and even create some magical art. All kids need is to bring their unrestrained imagination.

As a part of the day, Comox Valley kids ages 4-9 are invited to create poetry and artwork that celebrates magic and myth in nature.

Local young artists can submit their creations based on the “Spirals in Nature” theme between now and May 3 by dropping them off at Planet Kids in downtown Courtenay or Comox. The magical pieces will be on display at the library with the artist behind the winning piece receiving a $75 gift certificate from Planet Kids. Additional prizes will also be awarded.

After we Elevate, creations will be on display at Planet Kids stores throughout the month of May in celebration of children’s imaginations.
1:00 PM
Award-winning film SpOil (44 min.) follows some of the world’s best photographers and filmmakers to the Great Bear Rainforest to document the beauty and the threats to the wild landscape and to First Nations communities that rely upon food from the area. Stunning Cinematography!
2:00 PM
The [intlink id=”1999″ type=”post”]1st ever, 1st annual VidzFest![/intlink] Convinced there was a wealth of film and video-making talent in the Comox Valley, ETA video coordinator, Jamie Bowman, opened the floodgates and by offering a venue has boosted the chances of those artists’ screen works being seen by a wide audience. More than 22 local amateur & professional videographers & filmmakers submitted films from 2 to 32 minutes in length. 


Videographer Title Length Parental Advisory
  Shawn Piggott The Great Hiccup of 2012 5:08  
  Michael Flesher Captn Thunderpants 4:00  
  Mary Alice George Sawchuk 9:06  
  Neil Vokey Ginger Goodwin’s Way 12:00  
  Renee Poisson Owning the Slave 32:00  
  Glen Sanford Useless 27:00 Language
  Nathaniel Vossen This Was Your Life 30:00 Language, Nudity
  Renee Poisson The Noise of My Mind 3:00  
  Renee Poisson Endangered Species 3:00  
  Renee Poisson Ancestral Intersections 3:00  
  Renee Poisson Growth 3:00  
  Anna Rambow Animations 3:00  
  Colby MacInnis Big Time Out 3:09  
  Rick Reeve Fingers That Fly 2:57  
  Zac Whyte Love Your Raindrop 2:49  
  Shawn Pigott NIC – Anagan Kiln 4:00  
  Shawn Pigott NIC – Fine Arts 2:15  
  Shawn Pigott NIC – Photography 1:54  
  Shawn Pigott NIC – Ceramics 2:20  
  Sarah Kerr Kids to Kids 3:58  
  Zac Whyte The Road to Sparta 11:44  

Trailer for SpOil:

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20. Leung’s (Upper 5th St)

Two divergent art shows here! Technology meets tenure…

Pull out your iPhone, Mobile Phone, and Any Camera Phone! 

Join Artist and iPhone Photographer Brenda Johima in the first ever Elevate The Arts Mobile Phone Photo-Art Show! 

This is an all-ages, all-inclusive opportunity to showcase your camera phone talents an artistic, creative and photographic tool to create works of photographic art.

Elevate the Point! 
(we’re all from Ships Point except for one)

Artists : 

Don Cunningham
Brenda Johima (http://brendajohima.com)
Barbara Legg
Laura Sponselee
Madeleine Wood (http://madeleinewood.com)

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19. Elevate Express! with Comox Valley Transit Service


Jump on the Elevate Express!

We’ll have on-the-bus entertainment running throughout the day. Hop on! (Regular fares apply, but you can bring & play your instrument if you want!) You never know WHAT you might find!


The Comox Valley transit service, born 1990, has seen improvements like the new Courtenay-to-Comox express bus, started in March 2012. The transit service operates in Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and the electoral areas with conventional routes from Fanny Bay to Oyster River where it connects with the Campbell River transit service. Ridership is over 600,000/year on the conventional transit system and approximately 35,000 on the paratransit system, which includes handyDART for those with a disability preventing them from using conventional transit, and the community bus operating in the Cape Lazo/Point Holmes and Huband/Seal Bay areas which are not served by conventional transit. Using transit helps achieve the goals of the Comox Valley sustainability and regional growth strategies re: reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased mode share for transit.

Check out youtube.com/comoxvalleyrd for videos about Comox Valley transit & comoxvalleyrd.ca/transit for bus routes and schedules.


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14. CVAG Studio (aka The Cellar)


The CVAG Studio (affectionately know at ETA as “The Cellar”) is the basement level of the Comox Valley Art Gallery. This ‘undergound’ venue comes to life with some awesome kids programming from 10 am till 3 and then an evolution into some exciting experimental works with shadow puppets, music and more.

At 4 pm you do NOT want to miss the Mind of a Snail shadow puppet show or the Drunken Rumi’s at 5:00. Right next door you’ll find the Kids Underground Craft area. Just up around the corner on the CVAG Plaza there will be circus arts all day.

10:00am [intlink id=”642″ type=”post”]Kazimea and Tree Frog Music[/intlink] (for the little ones)
11:00am [intlink id=”1260″ type=”post”]Captain Thunderpants and friends[/intlink]
Noon Go check out the [intlink id=”2132″ type=”post”]Super String Jam[/intlink]
1:00pm [intlink id=”2120″ type=”post”]Theatreworks[/intlink]
2:00pm [intlink id=”642″ type=”post”]Kazimea and Tree Frog Music[/intlink] (older kids show)
4:00pm [intlink id=”615″ type=”post”]Mind of a Snail Shadow Puppet Theatre[/intlink]
5:00pm [intlink id=”1716″ type=”post”]Hatchet & BonBon[/intlink]
6:00pm [intlink id=”1357″ type=”post”]The Drunken Rumis[/intlink]

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13. Comox Valley Art Gallery


In the Plaza and in the Gallery… 

We’re making the most of what CVAG has to offer! Come check out the incredible array of arts – both visual & physical!


What We Wear With What We Wear – wearable art exhibit – Window Gallery

[intlink id=”2323″ type=”post”]Emily Carr University at NIC[/intlink] External BFA Grads Exhibition – Contemporary Gallery

And on the Plaza…..

11am – 3pm Gardens without Borders; art/garden stuff to do, with [intlink id=”1503″ type=”post”]Lisa Hamilton[/intlink]

11:00am 7 Story Circus on the plaza (aerials, circeaux and more!)
12:45pm [intlink id=”883″ type=”post”]Fiddlejam[/intlink] on the plaza
1:00pm 7 Story Circus on the plaza
2:30pm [intlink id=”2051″ type=”post”]Arcana Dea Dance[/intlink]
2:45pm [intlink id=”883″ type=”post”]Fiddlejam[/intlink] 
3:00pm 7 Story Circus finale

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06. The Sid Plaza


Stop by and visit the booths from local arts and culture organizations and find out cool ways to engage the arts in the Comox Valley.

There is also some very special programming in store at key times during the day! Be sure to come by at 12 noon for the MASSIVE string jam! There is another very unusual, exciting (and secret) activity in store at 12:30 – watch out! Letzsing Choir will be doing a special performance at 2 pm – come and experience this fantastic community choir

Noon [intlink id=”2132″ type=”post”]Super String Jam[/intlink]
12:30 Secret Surprise
2:00pm [intlink id=”1781″ type=”post”]LetzSing Choir[/intlink] & [intlink id=”2043″ type=”post”]Nia Demo[/intlink]

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11. ARTinACTION Alley – between 4th & 5th Streets


The alley of creative action where YOU can play, experiment, get a little messy and have a whole lot of fun with the whole family.

Heili, Heimke and Heather – on behalf of the Comox Valley Arts Council – have created a vast Participatory Art Alley where one can engage directly in the creative process, allowing them to become creator, co-creators, editors, and observers of the work. An endless list of supplies will be available to engage the creative yearnings of anyone wanting to participate. Draw, paint, sculpt, build, act, dance, sing, make music…

Heili says: “When people make art they are happier and life in general is just better.”
We couldn’t agree more!

[intlink id=”1377″ type=”post”]Team Depot[/intlink] will also be joining us with a project, and we are very grateful to them for their material support with our participatory art! Details TBA.


10. Simms Alley – between 5th & 6th Streets


Simms Alley comes to life with on site screen printing, sculpture, kids craft activities, painters, radical puppet theatre and more! Join us between 5th and 6th from 10 am till 7 pm for myriad arts activities that will stimulate the senses.

Simms Alley is also the entrance to the wild and wacky Underground Art and Craft Fair at the Lower Elks and the CVAG Sudio Level (The Cellar) where kids performers play from 10-3 and then experimental music, shadow puppet theatre and other antics take over.

Stop by Bop City Records to buy CD’s from the many musicians who are performing at the Elevate the Arts or check out some erotic art on display at The Romance Shop (19+ only please)

Here’s what’s happening!

1) Screen printing Andy MacDougall
Real life on site screen printing with the Valley`s own screen printing godfather. Come down and watch screenprinting in action or try your hand at it! Andy just returned from SXSW in Austin Texas where we was involved in some wicked screen printing events and he has produced wicked festival and gig posters.

2) Tarot Readings with Ashley Hain
Mini Tarot card consultations from Ashley Hain and  Winds of Change store

 3) Kids Underground  w) Becky Wortman and friends

  • Alley chalk graffiti – Tag the alley with ETA stencil logos, make hop scotches, draw pictures, fill the alley with bright fun images.  DRAW, DRAW, DRAW
  • Get building with our mountain of recycling and take it to the sky! – Lets construct our    very own ‘flying object’ down the alley. Lets build wings, add buttons and controls, lets climb in it and image we are flying it!  Come down to the Kids Underground and help build the largest recycled flying object held together with tape, glue, string and wool.  Paint and decorate it.
  • Flying Flags – Design and personalize your very own flying flag.   There will be all kinds of materials to glue onto your flag or maybe you just want to paint it. 

 4) Douglas Walker
Elevate the Arts is supporting this artist….this artist supports Keeping It Living. I am going to be Elevating the Arts by demonstrating my craft (sculpture) in Simms Alley in downtown Courtenay; directly behind Beyond the Kitchen Door.  I love co-operating with the community so I am asking you to bring some stuff to the alley and I will turn it into a sculpture which, when completed will be donated to Keeping it living 2012 Water Shed Project silent auction. Sound good?  By “stuff” I mean small brass, copper, silver and perhaps golden ornaments. Vases, candle holders, knick-knacks, trumpets, tubas….stuff like that. People of the Comox Valley lets stretch>>>> Elevate the Arts a little further, get even more creative, more involved and see what happens.

5) Painters In Action
Capturing all this magic will be 2 incredible local painters Martha Jablonski-Joness and Marilyn Timms

6) Art Karts
A display of the infamous Mayworks Art Karts! 

7) Mayworks Radical Puppet Theatre
Unscheduled, unusual, untested, unexpected.

8) Underground Art and Craft fair artists – resurfacing.
Some of the Underground Art and Craft fair artists have decided to come up for air, brave the sunlight and set up in the alley. Details TBC. 

Who’s who:

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