Union Street Grill & Grotto

Mark and Danielle Duncan opened The Union Street Grill in 1994 with the idea of being able to go out and dine with your kids and still have good food and drink. Their two children, Kyle and Jenna were 7 and 6 years old when Union Street was established and they have always been an integral part of the business, both of whom have worked at Union Street since they were quite young.

In 2004 Union Street expanded to include, what is now known as The Grotto, a counter service cafe. They have always supported local producers with there eclectic menu. Mark and Danielle look forward to supplying the Comox Valley with a great place to Eat, Meet and Drink!!!

Contact Union Street Grill: 250-897-0081

Find the online: http://www.unionstreetgrill.ca

Your thoughts on the Arts
What the Arts mean in my life/To my company?
Mark and Danielle believe that the arts are vital to a healthy community and would love to see more in the Down Town core.

How are we involved in the arts in the Valley?
Union Street has always been open to new arts in Down Town Courtenay, offering space to display art and play music, and we are avid supporters of the Sid Williams theatre. Union Street is well known in the community for playing great music, much of it from local