Why Elevate the Arts?

What an excellent question.

We’re elevating the arts because we believe that a thriving arts and culture scene is vital to the well being of our community on every level.

el·e·vate ( verb \ˈe-lə-ˌvāt, -vət\ )
tr.v. ele·vat·ed, ele·vat·ing, ele·vates
1. To move (something) to a higher place or position from a lower one; lift.
2. To increase the amplitude, intensity, or volume of.
3. To promote to a higher rank.
4. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level.
5. To lift the spirits of; elate

Arts and culture contribute in myriad ways to our quality of life and they give us tools to question, engage, challenge, understand, critique and celebrate our community and the world around us.

Arts and culture is all about imagination – and the creative places we need to go to dream up solutions and strategies for the issues that our community and our planet faces – socially, economically and environmentally.

Arts and culture influence the development of new technology, architecture, graphic design, culinary arts, fashion, media, urban planning and so much more.

We’re elevating the arts because we believe that when creative communities come together and celebrate the arts, amazing things happen. New relationships are formed,  connections are discovered, opportunities are revealed and joy is shared.


We are committed to evocativeedgy, experimental and thought provoking content that encourages us to examine, exploreenjoy and elevate the world around us.

The event is also about ‘re-thinking’ and animating our urban core, opening discussion and debate and dreaming about what our downtown can be.

Ultimately we are about actively engaging in the evolution of our community.

We play with paint brushes, puppets, music, dance, circus arts, crafts, kids art, murals, theatre, fire, lanterns, clay, food and so much more. Participants include community organizations, individuals, families, activists, artists, churches, media and businesses who all contribute to our rich cultural community.

The Elevate the Arts combines core programming with events, workshops and activities developed by community partners. We’re here to create AND to be the “glue” (marketing, communications and scheduling) for the creative initiatives of many!

We would love to have you on board. Your support will help us to develop and expand this grass roots celebration of arts, culture, diversity and creative exploration in our community.


2 thoughts on “Why Elevate the Arts?”

    1. mmm, i would totally agree, Tracy! I worked for a theatre company years ago who brought “issues” (and shakespeare) to schools, and I know from the many letters we received over the years that we did have an impact that reached as deeply as saving lives… or certainly helping to prevent what could have been loss of… by creating a forum for discussion around things that are important.

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